From the Olympic Village to private housing developments, Metron is experienced in establishing and maintaining high-accuracy control networks - used to map out developments spanning over large areas such as: transport links, highways, pipelines utilities, telecoms and transmission lines. 
Good primary control helps to ensure discipline over the dimensions of the site layout and the quality of any subsequent survey or setting out. 
Our use of traditional survey techniques is complemented by modern instrumentation. We can provide survey control at all stages of a construction project, from establishing the site grid lines to the datum levels which reference and measure the vertical dimensions, as well as the levels between one area of the site and another. 
Setting Out ensures the construction of property and infrastructure meets the design specifications. During this process we establish the physical locations of specific points: corners and walls of the building. The information is transferred to the setting out plan in readiness for architectural drawings and construction teams. 
Our specialist land surveying equipment, Total Station theodolites and RTK GNSS (Real-Time Kinematic) uses satellite navigation to enhance the precision of position data. From this, our team uses processing software to create CAD drawings to position it as effectively as possible. 
Establishment of primary survey control for a project 
Checking and auditing existing primary survey control 
Establish level datums and finished floor levels 
Building footprints 
Grid lines 
Drainage and services 
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