Required by clients in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, our services are provided for green and brownfield sites as well as urban areas, countryside, quarries and much more. 
Topographical surveys, ‘topo surveys,’ cover the detail, terrain and/or contours of any of the natural or man-made features on your land or site. These might include buildings, boundaries, underground works, pathways, utilities and forestry. 
With a focus on quality information, we have combined the traditional survey practices with state-of-the-art technology. The Metron team uses sophisticated equipment; 3D laser scanners, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Robotic Total Stations and Drone based mapping. The resulting data is presented in 2D and 3D, in a range of formats, as preferred by each individual client. 
Feasibility studies - before you invest time and money, is your project a goer? 
Planning Applications - permission is required for all major building works. We work with architects and planning departments to ensure you get off on the right foot. 
Boundary Surveys - sometimes a legal boundary doesn’t have a physical feature like a fence or wall. This type of survey can determine exactly where the land lies. 
Stockpile Measurement - this technique can measure the mass, volume and density of commodities such as coal, refuse, fertilisers or any other stock you are holding. 
As-built Surveys - determines whether all changes/improvements on a site comply with the specifications of a surveyor or engineer as they are carried out. 
Deformation Analysis - to avoid expensive failures at the design stage, this accounts for forces such as gravity, surface loads and subsea activity. 
2D and 3D CAD files 
Contours and ground models 
Cross sections and profiles 
Volume-metric reports 
Wireframe and solid models 
Flythrough moving images/CGIs 
To find out how Metron Limited can advise on your next project, please call us on 020 3916 5980 or find us on social media 
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