A Digital Twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object. Metron offers its clients the opportunity to have an online Digital Twin of their individual site or property portfolio. By using NavVis IVION we convert reality capture data into a digital twin for collaboration and decision making. 
• Host multiple sites in a single map view, allowing management of all projects and data in one place 
• Browse 360° panorama views of an indoor space mapped with laser scan-ning technology 
• View, create, and edit Points Of Interest (POI) 
• Take accurate, point-to-point measurements with the measurement tool 
• Virtual routing through a “digital space” 
• Access and download areas of the point cloud for further analysis. 
Having an online Digital Twin can improved remote collaboration enabling quicker decision making and reduce the need for internal teams, external suppliers and contractors to visit site. Applications of Digital Twins vary from Equipment installation, best practice sharing and maintenance & defect reporting. 
If you would like to discuss your project and how a Digital Twin may help, or see some sample data, call 020 3916 5980 or email info@metronsurveys.com 
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